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Published in general news Written by June 13 2016 0

The June 2016 edition of Bitacora Economica (Economic Analysis) from Colombia’s national retail trade association (Fenalco) shows that Antioquia (Medellin’s department) has the best “corruption index” of all Colombia’s departments (states).

Published in general news Written by June 10 2016 0

The Corficolombiana-Iridium “Covipacifico” consortium announced June 9 that they’ve reached financial close on the crucial “Pacifico 1” divided-highway project linking Medellin’s southern suburbs (Ancon Sur) to the Cauca River at Bolombolo – and connecting to new “fourth generation” (4G) highways all the way to the Pacific port of Buenaventura.

Published in general news Written by June 01 2016 0

Antioquia Governor Luis Perez announced June 15 that legal issues have now been resolved with the COP$1.8 trillion (US$603 million), 9.8-kilometers-long “Toyo Tunnel” project that will link Medellin to new freight ports in Uraba (Caribbean coast).

Published in general news Written by April 25 2016 0

Medellin-based public utility EPM announced April 23 that it partially restored output from its 560-megawatt (MW) “Guatape” hydroelectric plant in Antioquia – more than a week earlier than planned.

Published in general news Written by April 15 2016 0

Colombia’s national statistical agency (DANE) announced April 14 that industrial production jumped 8.2% year-on-year (y-o-y) in February 2016 -- the latest month for which statistics are available -- versus a 1% y-o-y net decline in industrial output in February 2015.

Published in general news Written by April 15 2016 0

Colombia’s national infrastructure agency (ANI) announced April 14 that just-completed upgrades to Medellin’s downtown Olaya Herrera airport enable the start-up of international executive-jet flights in May 2016 -- just before the World Economic Forum (WEF) conference.

Published in general news Written by March 31 2016 0

Two young inventors from Antioquia -- Rafael Vides Mesa and Daniel Cuartas Quiceno -- are among 10 national candidates for the “Colombia Great Inventor” prize competition this year.

Published in general news Written by March 31 2016 0

Sweden-based high-tech systems provider Saab announced March 30 that downtown Medellin’s Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (national flights) and the nearby José María Córdova International Airport (international flights originating at Rionegro) will get aircraft navigational upgrades.

Published in general news Written by March 31 2016 0

Cormagdalena – the Colombian government agency overseeing a proposed scheme that would restore commercial navigation on the Magdalena River between the Atlantic Ocean and key inland ports – announced March 29 that it has set a May 11 deadline by which dredging-project proponent Navelena SAS must provide crucial documentation required for project finance.

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