May 19, 2024
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Big Fleets Here Tap Eletech for ‘Mobileye,’ ‘Ituran’ Technologies to Cut Accidents, Waste, Losses

Big corporate fleets in and around Medellin and across Colombia increasingly are turning to sophisticated vehicle technologies in order to avoid accidents, cut fuel costs, avoid merchandise damage, monitor driver behavior and improve routing. Among local fleets employing and/or evaluating novel “Mobileye” and “Ituran” systems are insurance giant Sura, cement maker Cemex,
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Medellin’s ‘Portafolio Verde:’ International, Local Companies Match Mutually Beneficial Social, Environmental Projects with Local Collaborators

A growing list of major local and international companies operating in and around Medellin and throughout Colombia are turning to a novel “Portafolio Verde” (“green portfolio”) consultancy here for projects that are both “green” environmentally as well as financially. “Portafolio Verde” finds, designs and jump-starts innovative, sustainable environmental and social
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Personal/Corporate Due-Diligence, Business-Deal, Real-Estate Investigator Konfirma Reports 45% Growth, Offers Bilingual Services

Medellin-based, national corporate-and-individual risk-management, due-diligence and real-estate investigator Konfirma announced August 29 that its first-half (1H) 2018 revenues grew 45% year-on-year — and the company expects full-year 2018 revenues to rise about 40% year-on-year. In an August 29 interview with Medellin Herald, Konfirma general manager Sergio
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Interview: Ruta N a High-Tech Investment Opportunity, but don’t Call it a ‘Silicon Valley;’ Part 1

Medellin’s novel “Ruta N” high-tech development center next to Universidad de Antioquia now boasts that it’s hosting some 135-odd companies from 22 countries (see that have chosen to locate inside Ruta N itself or nearby. As part of what the city government calls its “Innovation District,” the seven-year-old Ruta N not only serves