September 26, 2023
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Long-Awaited Puerto Antioquia Construction Begins, Start-up Seen in 2025

Colombia President Ivan Duque and Antioquia Governor Anibal Gaviria jointly announced today (April 23) at a dedication ceremony that the long-awaited “Puerto Antioquia” ocean-freight port linking Medellin and other major Colombia cities to the Atlantic is now starting construction and due for start-up in 2025. “Puerto Antioquia is an historic megaproject that will allow us

Repaving at Medellin’s International Airport Spells Closings February 19-20, 26-27; Second-Runway Expansion Talks Accelerating

Airplan – the operator of Medellin’s José María Córdova (JMC) international airport in Rionegro – confirms that runway repaving will require a partial halt to flights at JMC on Saturday and Sunday February 19-20, then again on Saturday and Sunday February 26-27. The two weekend closures – each lasting 36 hours — start 2-am on […]

Colombia VP Marta Lucia Ramirez Hails Crucial Puerto Antioquia Financing Deals

Colombia Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez announced January 5 the addition of US$397 million in financing deals supporting the US$627 million “Puerto Antioquia” ocean freight project near Turbo, Antioquia. Part of the new funds will come via the privately held Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN) group, which just confirmed a US$103.7 million loan package involving

‘Magdalena 2’ Connecting Medellin to ‘Ruta del Sol’ Highways Wins US$740 Million Finance

Colombia’s infrastructure agency (Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura, ANI) announced today (June 30) that the “Magdalena 2” project linking Medellin northward to the “Ruta del Sol” highways just won a COP$2.8 trillion (US$740 million) loan deal organized by Colombian coordinator Financiero de Desarollo Nacional (FDN). The loan deal for ANI’s “Magdalena 2” concession

Pacifico 1 Wins US$150 Million Finance Package to Complete Crucial Medellin-Southwest Antioquia Highway

Medellin-based highway construction consortium Covipacifico announced June 15 that it just won confirmation of a US$150 million financing package for its “Pacifico 1” highway project. The financing will guarantee completion of the COP$2.6 trillion (US$704 million), 50-kilometers-long “Pacifico 1” project between the southern Medellin suburb of Caldas and a new