May 19, 2024
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To Save Hidroituango, Kill Medellin Mayor’s Scheme to Replace Contractors: Pöyry Study

A stunning final report from Finland-based hydroelectric-project engineering consultant Pöyry finds that the current contractors building the US$5 billion Hidroituango hydroelectric project in Antioquia should continue to finish the project as quickly as possible, rather than be replaced. Contractor continuation is the safest and fastest route to avoid a possibly

Medellin Mayor Quintero Claims City’s Leading Businesses Are Mafia Gangsters

Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero claimed in a shocking interview for the January 8 edition of Colombia’s leading weekly Semana news-magazine that Medellin’s leading businesses are in fact run by mafia gangsters who supposedly are out to “get” him. Facing a recall petition for mismanaging the city, for publicly slandering its most successful and civic-minded companies, […]

Latest EcoAnalytica/Guarumo Poll: Two-Thirds of Colombians Fed-Up with Strikes, Blockades, Rioters

The latest, just-released EcoAnalytica/Guarumo national poll of voting-age Colombians shows that people here are overwhelmingly fed-up with the month-long series of strikes, road blockades, violence, arson attacks, attempted (and actual) murders and attacks on police, and economic devastation seemingly ignored or in some cases even promoted by some members of the “Comite

Top Medellin Industrialists Contradict Medellin Mayor Quintero’s Unproven Claims on EPM

Grupo Argos President Jorge Mario Velásquez and Grupo Nutresa President Carlos Ignacio Gallego Palacio on April 19 both issued extraordinary public statements contradicting Medellin Mayor Daniel Quintero’s latest unproven assertions claiming that Medellin’s leading industrialists have been trying to manipulate the naming of the EPM general manager and supposedly rob EPM.