September 25, 2023
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Controller-General Absolves Companies, Officials for 2018 Hidroituango Tunnel Collapse; EPM Reports More Progress

Colombia’s Controller-General announced today (January 28) that because of recent insurance payments to EPM by Mapfre, Axxa, Suramericana and SBS – collectively totaling US$1.1 billion — all companies, politicians and officials who previously faced allegations of errors or omissions that supposedly contributed to a 2018 diversion-tunnel collapse at the US$5 billion
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Travelers 18-and-Up to Colombia Must Have Complete Covid-19 Vaccinations by December 14

Colombia President Ivan Duque announced last night (December 6) that starting December 14, most international travelers 18-years-and-older to Colombia must present proof of COMPLETE vaccinations against Covid-19 – in part to help thwart the latest threat from the Omicron variant. Following that announcement, Colombia Health Minister Fernando Ruiz announced this morning
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EPM’s Biggest Labor Union, Infrastructure Trade Group Sue to Stop Controller’s Halting of Hidroituango Project

Sinpro – the trade union representing most employees of Medellin-based utility giant EPM – and Cámara Colombiana de Infraestructura Seccional Antioquia (CCI-SA) announced December 5 that they have filed a lawsuit in a Cundinamarca Administrative Tribunal seeking to stop Colombia’s Controller-General from enforcing a COP$4.3 trillion (US$1.08 billion) fine that inevitably
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Hidroituango Completion Thrown into Doubt as Controller Confirms US$1.07 Billion Fine Against Constructors, Politicians

Colombia’s Controller-General (Contraloria General de la Nacion, CGR) announced this morning (November 26) finalization of CGR’s earlier-proposed COP$4.3 trillion (US$1.07 billion) fine against 28 individuals, politicians, insurers and companies that allegedly are responsible for the 2018 collapse of a diversion tunnel at the US$5 billion “Hidroituango” hydroelectric
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Update: Complete Covid-19 Vaccinations Mandatory for Public Spaces Starting December 1

Colombia’s Health Ministry and President Ivan Duque jointly announced November 19 that starting December 1, 2021, people over 18 years old must show proof of COMPLETE Covid-19 vaccination in order to enter most places of mass gatherings. The upcoming mandate — a stricter version that replaces the existing mandate, which today only requires partial (one-shot) […]
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Existing Hidroituango Contractors Might Continue into 2022 if Comptroller Delays Finalizing Proposed COP$4.3 Trillion Fine

EPM general manager Jorge Andres Carrillo revealed in a press conference here this morning (October 27) that it’s at least theoretically possible that the current Hidroituango construction contractors might continue their work well into 2022. But that possibility of a temporary contract extension into 2022 remains to be confirmed, pending results of a follow-up meeting

President Duque Signs Social-Fiscal Reform Legislation; Aids Poor, Students, Small Business; Boosts Taxes on Wealthier Sectors

Colombia President Ivan Duque today (September 14) signed far-reaching tax and social-benefits legislation that promises to benefit more than 29 million poor- and middle-class Colombians — while also putting a heavier tax burden on wealthier individuals and corporations. Not only is the legislation progressive — contradicting some biased media reports and some