September 25, 2023
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President Duque Signs Social-Fiscal Reform Legislation; Aids Poor, Students, Small Business; Boosts Taxes on Wealthier Sectors

Colombia President Ivan Duque today (September 14) signed far-reaching tax and social-benefits legislation that promises to benefit more than 29 million poor- and middle-class Colombians — while also putting a heavier tax burden on wealthier individuals and corporations. Not only is the legislation progressive — contradicting some biased media reports and some

Colombia’s Finance Minister Proposes COP$11 Trillion Corporate Tax Hike to Boost Subsidies for Poor, Workers, Youths, Businesses Hurt by Covid-19 Crisis

Colombia Finance Minister José Manuel Restrepo on July 13 unveiled a COP$11 trillion (US$2.9 billion) tax hike on wealthier corporations in order to expand and continue subsidies to especially vulnerable populations economically slammed by the Covid-19 crisis. The proposal DOES NOT include any new taxes on middle-class people, nor does it boost the existing value-added

Colombian Congress Approves 2019 Tax Law

Colombia President Ivan Duque and Minister of Finance Alberto Carrasquilla on December 19 both hailed final votes in the Colombian House and Senate to approve a revised tax package for 2019. “The approved bill retains the initial spirit of protecting the most vulnerable population of the country and strengthening the collection through the taxation of […]

Expat Taxes for USA 2016 Tax Year: Avoid Confusion

Editor’s Note: The following column was written by IRS enrolled agent and chartered financial analyst (CFA) John Ohe of Hola Expat Tax Services. Medellin Herald does not specifically endorse the author’s opinion; this column is for general information only and should not be construed as personal tax advice. There is a lot of confusion among US expats […]