May 19, 2024
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Corona, Cementos Molins to Build US$370 Million Cement Factory in Antioquia

Spain-based Cementos Molins announced September 30 that it signed a joint-venture deal with Colombia-based multinational Grupo Corona to build a US$370 million, 1.3 million tonnes-per-year cement factory in Sonson, Antioquia.

The new plant – due to start-up in mid-2018 — will take advantage of a limestone-mining license already obtained by Corona, according to Molins.

The plant will employ 220 people, beyond the 800 jobs created during plant construction, according to the company.

The plant project has already obtained the required environmental and construction licenses, according to Corona,

Molins – which has an 86-years-long history of cement production – has plants in Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Bangladesh and Tunisia.

Corona – probably best-known for its ceramic bathroom fixtures as well as construction supplies — boasts a 130-year-long corporate history that started in Antioquia. The company has since expanded to the U.S., Mexico, Central America and Brazil, and exports to numerous countries around the world.

The recently approved “Prosperity Highway” contracts in Antioquia will boost local demand for cement, especially for bridges and tunnels (see “Antioquia’s Prosperity Highway Contracts Now all Finalized”).

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