June 13, 2024
Medellin + Antioquia news

Medellin Census: 2.37 Million Residents Now; ‘Quality of Life’ Best in Colombia

Colombia’s national statistics agency (DANE) on July 12, 2019 revealed that the 2018 national census found Medellin’s resident population hit 2.37 million, up 7.6% from the last census in 2005.

Meanwhile, the adjacent suburbs in Valle de Aburra grew by 12% over the same period, with the result that Medellin plus its neighboring suburbs now have a total resident population of 3.72 million, according to DANE.

The census data also indicate that during 2018, another 355,000 Venezuelans emigrated to Colombia, with Bogota absorbing the biggest portion, followed by Medellin.

In the last three years, more than 2 million Venezuelans have fled to Colombia thanks to disastrous socialist policies that have wrecked the Venezuelan economy and plunged millions into absolute poverty.

Second on the numerical list of emigrants to Colombia last year was USA (4,863 emigrants), followed by (in order) Ecuador, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Brazil and Peru.

The DANE statistical report also found that Antioquia department (of which Medellin is the capital) census survey indicated the highest relative quality-of-life ranking, whereas Bogota came in at fifth place.

The ranking incorporated factors such as relative satisfaction with security, work, income and health, according to DANE.

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