April 13, 2024
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Medellin to Host Latin America Fashion Strategy Conference October 1

Fashion and textile trade group Inexmoda announced that it’s organizing the Latin America Fashion and Business Strategy Forum 2015 (Foro de Estrategia America Latina Moda y Negocios 2015) October 1 at the Plaza Mayor convention center in Medellin.

The “Strategy Forum” brings together senior management of companies in the fashion industry, aiming to analyze “challenges and opportunities in the sector,” according to Inexmoda.

In a previous iteration, the Forum served as the academic portion of the annual Fashion World Convention, organized by the International Apparel Federation (IAF). This year, the fourth edition of the Strategy Forum carries the theme of “disruptive innovation,” according to Medellin-based Inexmoda.

Conference speakers from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and the United States include Inexmoda CEO Carlos Eduardo Botero, fashion industry consultant Maria Cristina Cordova, trends analyst Luciana Stein, marketing analyst Guillermo Gallego of retail giant Exito, global value chain industry analyst Steve Burkhardt, Brazil market analyst Caito Maia and many others.

“The fashion industry system has experienced both disruptive innovations as well as evolutionary innovations, but at a slower pace compared with other sectors such as medicine and telecommunications,” according to Inexmoda.

Among this year’s Forum participants are the World Bank, Walt Disney Company Latin America, Uneven, Not Just a Label, VF Corporation, The Doneger Group, ABIT, McKinsey, Center for Leadership and Management, GoldSign and Alvanon Inc., among others, according to Inexmoda.

Forum sponsors include Bancolombia, SENA, Fedex, EPM, Exito, Proteccion, Datascan, Creaturm, EAFIT, Sura, Coltejer, Fahilos, Jordao, Hatsu and Avianca, according to Inexmoda.

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