May 19, 2024
Other Norms

Metro Medellin, Antioquia Continue Covid-19 Restrictions to May 24

Antioquia Acting Governor Luis Fernando Suárez announced late this afternoon (May 17) that the current shopping and curfew restrictions aiming to hobble Covid-19 infections will continue for another week — until at least 5-am Monday, May 24.

Curfews and booze-sales-bans will continue daily from 10-pm to 5-am, while “pico y cedula” shopping restrictions will continue on odd/even rotations, as in the past week.

Hence people with cedulas ending in even numbers (0,2,4,6,8) can shop on even-numbered days (such as Tuesday, May 18), while odd-numbered cedulas qualify for odd-numbered days.

Restaurants and hotels continue to be exempt from pico-y-cedula. All the other restrictions including mandatory face masks, social distancing and strict health protocols for public and private spaces will continue.

Suárez added that compliance with both personal and public restrictions will continue to aid the recent trend of declining Covid-19 cases.

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