September 26, 2023

Bancolombia’s Investment-Bank Division Wins Global Finance ‘Innovator’ Award

Bancolombia announced March 28 that its investment banking division (“Banca de Inversion Bancolombia”) nabbed the top award for “most innovative” from Global Finance for investment banking in the entire Latin America region during 2015.

It’s the first-ever Latin-America regional award for Bancolombia, although its investment-banking division has also taken top honors for “innovation” among all banks operating within Colombia for four straight years, according to the Medellin-based company.

In the past year, “Banca de Inversión Bancolombia” realized 25 investment-banking transactions in Colombia, Panamá and Guatemala, including structured finance, bond issuance and mergers-and-acquisitions, according to the company.

Award criteria included “market participation, the number and size of transactions, quality of service and advice, financial structure capacity, network of distribution, innovation, pricing and reputation,” according to the company.

The “Banca de Inversión Bancolombia” group demonstrated exceptional innovation thanks to its ability to tap internal expertise in financial products and industries, along with its ability to design packages for various clients, according to the company.

“This type of work is usual in the world, but scarce in the [Latin America] region, and we have [this ability] because we have a global vision” that can match certain competitors, according to “Banca de Inversion Bancolombia” president Ricardo Jaramillo.

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