June 13, 2024
General News

Medellin’s Crucial ‘Mar 1’ Highway Project Construction Starts

Construction consortium Devimar announced November 11 that it signed the official start-up document for the “Mar 1” highway project linking Medellin westward to Cañasgordas (see map above) and rehabilitation of the existing Bolombolo-Santa Fe de Antioquia highway.

The project will create a four-lane divided highway between Medellin and Santa Fe de Antioquia – including a parallel tunnel to the existing Tunel de Occidente – and will pave and improve the mostly unpaved highway linking Santa Fe de Antioquia westward to Cañasgordas, according to Devimar.

The 176-kilometers-long “Mar 1” project eventually will link to the “Mar 2” highway all the way to new ports on the Atlantic coast, drastically improving freight traffic and commerce between Medellin and world markets.

Devimar (Concesionaria Desarrollo Vial al Mar) is the Medellin-based consortium of Sacyr Colombia, Strabag AG y Concay SA.

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