April 13, 2024
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Prestigious Medical Congresses Debuting in Medellin; English Spoken Here

Medellin hosts nearly 1,000 delegates for the 11th Congress on Immunology (“ImmunoColombia 2015”) October 13-16 at the Plaza Mayor conference center – with technical presentations in English.

The Congress – sponsored by the Latin American Association of Immunology (ALAI) and the Colombian Association of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACCAI) – features leading experts on immunotherapy of cancer, inflammation in obesity, new vaccines and new therapies.

In all, the Congress will include 28 symposia, 93 oral presentations of contributed papers, 282 posters and more than 137 national and international speakers, including a keynote presentation by Yale University researcher Dr. Richard Flavell.
“For the first time in its history, ALAI will hold its main scientific event in Colombia, the most important of the year, where there will be presentations on new and surprising findings on issues such as immunotherapy of cancer, inflammation in obesity, new vaccines and therapies for autoimmune diseases such as lupus and arthritis, as well as findings on infectious and tropical diseases,” according to ALAI.

The AIDS virus (HIV) “remains a challenge and new data will be presented advances in the development of vaccines to control this epidemic,” according to the organizers.

“At present, cancer treatment is based on radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But more and more, the immune system seems an adequate tool for management, so new data on immunotherapy strategies for different types of cancer will be presented.”

Studies on the impact of microorganisms “will be one of the most important in this event, and it is for this reason that the microbiota will be the focus of the opening ceremony.”

On another front, “significant progress has been made in [solving] major public health problems such as tuberculosis. The Congress will present advances in the development of new vaccines and how to measure their effectiveness,” according to ALAI.

New studies on infectious diseases including dengue also will receive special attention in Congress, as well as new information about vaccines for nervous system diseases caused by prions.

MedeSalud Comes to Medellin

Meanwhile, the MedeSalud 2015 Congress comes to Medellin October 28-30, featuring a host of international health experts.

The Congress – organized by the Medical and Odontological “cluster” through the Medellin Chamber of Commerice – will analyze epidemiological trends and technologies, as well as examine the growing “medical tourism” industry in metro Medellin.

Speakers include experts from the world-famous Mayo Clinic in the USA, the Albert Einstein Hospital, the Anglo-American Clinic and many others.

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