May 19, 2024
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Plaza Mayor to Host 600 Events in 2017; Upgrades Boost Image

Plaza Mayor convention center management announced January 20 that they will host more than 600 international and national events in 2017, while recent infrastructure upgrades will help show-off Medellin’s increasingly popular business-tourism opportunities.

According to Juan David Pérez Ortiz, general manager of Plaza Mayor, the city of Medellin recently invested more than COP$1 billion (US$341,000) in maintenance and upgrades at the site.

“Preventive and corrective maintenance works were carried out between August 2016 and January 2017, ensuring the optimum conditions for the operation of the facilities to all customers and visitors,” according to the organization.

“Creating the best conditions at our site was one of our goals for this year, and this became possible thanks to the economic contributions of our majority shareholder, the Mayor of Medellín,”  general-manager Pérez added.

Among the key upgrades: repairs to the floors in the various pavilions of Plaza Mayor;  leveling of pavers in exposition areas; painting of all the halls and pavilions; maintenance to the refrigeration and air-conditioning systems; adjustments in the gas-pipeline infrastructure; updating of electrical networks; and improvements to the electrical substations.

On a related front, the Green Pavilion saw its loading area expanded; ceilings and tiles got waterproofing upgrades; and bathrooms were added or upgraded.

“In addition, we launched a contract with a new parking operator providing service for more than 730 parking cells,” according to the organization. “The new service has an automatic payment system, automated entrance and exit of vehicles, smart-card readers, video screens showing availability of parking spaces, security cameras for access control, and license-plate recognition systems.

“To guarantee  easy and safe access to our facilities, we will have police and transit officers during our events, as well as valet parking service, which will minimize the [traffic congestion] impact generated in the area by the Parques del Río construction.

“We are the heart of Medellín and will continue to position ourselves as the main event center of the country,” the organization added.

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