September 24, 2023

Foreign Tourism to Medellin Jumps 24% in 2016: Convention & Visitors Bureau

Foreign tourism to Medellin continues to grow at a fast clip, according to latest statistics provided to Medellin Herald from the Medellin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

According to the Bureau, foreign visitor counts to Medellin rose another 24% year-on-year in 2016, to 263,328, with visitors from the USA topping all others, at 75,196, up 19.7% year-on-year.

Tourism from Panama to Medellin also rose sharply, up 91.3% to 31,416, while Peru tourist numbers jumped 58.8% year-on-year, to 10,520, according to the Bureau.

The only country recording a sharp drop in tourism to Medellin was Venezuela – down 39.9% year-on-year – thanks to a “socialist” government that is destroying the economy and wrecking all democratic freedoms.

Tourism from the Netherlands rose 24.5%, to 6,901, while tourism from Canada rose 20.8%, to 4,162, the Bureau statistics show.

Spain accounted for another 6,761 tourists, up 4.2% year-on-year, while Argentina contributed another 4,615, up 14.2%. Brazil tourism rose 11.2%, to 3,948, but Mexican tourism slipped 5.4%, to 20,743, according to the Bureau.

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