July 12, 2024

Argos, EAFIT Debut Technology Research Center in Medellin

EAFIT university and Colombia-based cement producer, power generator and port developer Argos announced August 26 the start-up of “Argos Center,” a new, US$9 million, 4,800-square-meters research facility at the university’s main campus in Medellin.

The center – built with “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED) certification in mind — will house laboratories, offices, an auditorium and multi-purpose areas, according to the university.

Among the 70 types of new research equipment are a field emission scanning electron microscope (the first of its kind in Colombia, enabling nano-scale investigations); an X-ray diffractometer; and a fluorescent X-ray analytical system for analyzing the composition of materials and mineralogical phases, according to the university.

Research at the new center not only aims to find ways to add value to cement products, but also would aid Argos in its other areas of business including electric power, project development, ports and coal.

Researchers aim to develop new materials with better capabilities, functionalities, ease of use, greater productivity, better economic and energy efficiency, and friendlier environmental impact.

The new center represents the first public-private project of this type in Colombia for applied science, according to the university.

“We are betting upon the reinvention of ways to do things, in alliance with the university and its students, professors and professionals,” said Argos president Jorge Mario Velásquez.

EAFIT rector Juan Luis Mejía added that this cooperative venture is an “example of the new university and the new Colombian enterprise. We are very proud to be partners with Argos in this aventure in constructing the future of our country.”

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